Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Quick Introduction

I am extremely new to blogging and watching the Supreme Court. In fact, the purpose of starting this blog is to motivate myself to keep a close eye on the decisions of the Supreme Court and how they affect our understanding of our Constitution. I am a current law student in the midst of Constitutional Law I and I have been blown away by how the Supreme Court manipulates language in the Constitution to make whatever decision it desires, rather than looking to the purpose of the Constitution set forth by our Founding Fathers. It is my desire to review court decisions directly linked to our understanding of the Constitution and set forth in plain language how the Constitution has been manipulated and the Founding Fathers have been dismissed, if such a thing has actually occurred.

Please be patient with me as I am still learning and there may be times I am wrong, or I misspeak, or simply misunderstand. It is my hope that as I continue my legal education and my study of Conservatism, this blog will become a source of dependable information for those seeking a Conservative understanding of what our Supreme Court is doing and how are lives are being directly affected.

Do not be surprised if my first posts are discussions of old cases as I react to what is being taught in my law class, rather than current cases in review. As I learn and research, this blog will become much more substantial. Thank you for your understanding and your readership.