Monday, April 6, 2009


As a future lawyer, it is disheartening to see how the profession has become a mockery. Here and here are some recent examples from Wall Street Journal's Law Blog.

Did these attorney's start law school with the thought that could easily swindle new clients? Did these attorney's begin their law school education with great morals and ethics, only to worn down by the cynicism of law professors and older, more experienced attorneys? Is it the education, or the practice of this profession that corrupts so many? Or are the corrupt simply drawn to the money and power that can come with being an attorney?

Am I simply bringing disgrace to my name by adopting this profession as my own?

I am only one man, but I certainly hope and pray that I will be provided the opportunity and the God-given strength to bring to this profession the honor and respect it deserves.

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CBI said...

Lawyers are people. Some are more intelligent than others; some are more wise than others; some are more ethical than others. All are sinners and err at times. That said: hold to high standards yourself, and let others know that you expect it of them.