Friday, April 10, 2009

Tea Party

It appears that Tulsa is putting on a properly organized Tea Party on April 15th. I'm excited to see individuals (especially conservatives) getting involved at the grassroots level, but is a "Tea Party" the proper event?

Most know that the original tea party was a strong statement against taxation without representation in England. Currently, the only people in the United States that can claim taxation without representation are the residents of the District of Columbia, which I've discussed before.

If we aren't upset about taxation without representation, what are we upset about? How does the symbolism of the Tea Party carry over to our current predicament?

There are some that say that say we are standing against tyranny. Really? We, the people, choose who works in Congress and the White House. It is no one's fault but our own that the federal government has become the powerful money printer it is today. If we are so upset about our current representation, then why haven't we done something to clean it up?

We don't need a revolt against the government, we need the informed involvement of the people in the government process. We need to elect representatives willing and able to stand up against the machine of politics. We need to educate everyone, including our current representation, about the choices that have been made and the direction each new choice takes our Nation.

As far as this "Tea Party" may be an opportunity to educate individuals, I will support it; and, I will attend, but I'm still not sure the imagery of revolution depicted by a tea party is proper.


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Anonymous said...

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Legal-Right said...

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