Friday, May 22, 2009

Generation Y is entitled, lazy, selfish, tech savvy, and incompetent.

This remark by Scott Greenfield, author of Simple Justice and New York criminal defense attorney, appears to be the generalized feeling the Boomer Generation feels for the new Gen Y attorneys entering the workforce.

I have worked hard my entire life and continually struggle to do my best at all times, including at work and in my personal life. "Generation Y uses this term life-balance as an excuse for their incompetence." - Scott Greenfield. To have that shoved in my face, because I also desire to balance work with my family life is quite upsetting.

I definitely want to make a good deal of money, but I refuse to sell my family's happiness. Here is a good take on the issue.

Adding insult to injury, from the fingers of Mr. Greenfield himself, I am apparently also a dolt. (see comments)

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