Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Off Topic

Ira Matetsky, a regular contributor to Wikipedia, has begun a series on The Volokh Conspiracy concerning different issues related to Wikipedia.

I am looking forward to reading his posts about the impact Wikipedia is having on the internet, in scholarly circles, and in the lives of living subjects. However, there is another aspect of Wikipedia that I find very enjoyable and useful.

Wikipedia is a great resource for Game Masters, Narrators, and Dungeon Masters.

No matter how much one enjoys a movie, a book series, or comics, they very rarely know everything there is to know about the "universe" at the center of each. This lack of knowledge sometimes impedes the creativity of a narrator when creating a story line for a game. For example, I am a fan of firefly and will be narrating a Serenity campaign soon, but sometimes I have a hard time remember how the firefly system is organized. One of the sites I can refer to when creating the proper role playing atmosphere is Wikipedia, because there is always someone out there that has enjoyed an universe, such as firefly, so much that they have researched, and at times created the information needed to understand the inner-workings of that universe.

I apologize for being so far off topic, but I just felt like sharing.

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